QPP, making quality products our priority to ensure customer satisfaction. We want our customers to have a safe piercing experience. Recognized in over 27 countries for our quality and customer care



QPP Ear Piercing is a Malaysian-US joint venture company founded in 2007. From the beginning it has always been our goal to produce Ear Piercing products of the highest quality.

Over the past several years we have invested into sourcing the highest quality materials that are used in making all our products. Our products comply with EC European regulations.

We built a manufacturing facility equipped with modern automated equipment to ensure our products are consistently high quality.

QPP Ear Piercing also has a “Nickel Free” gold plating line which further allows us to maintain a high standard quality for our products.



Utilizing the best materials and a “Nickel Free” plating line. We 100% confident that our products are safe for all skin types.

With all the key components in place it is now our new goal is to further spread our brand across the Globe. We want everyone can have their ears pierces safely.

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