What is “surgical stainless steel”?

The surgical steel used by QPP Ear Piercing is a stainless steel with the 316L designation. Just like any other steel, this steel contains nickel. However, the nickel release rate for our studs and earrings is well below the allowable value given in the EU nickel directive, which makes them nickel-safe and well suited as piercing studs and fashion earrings. This steel is also used for medical purposes, such as surgical implants, which remain in the human body for a lifetime without any harmful side effects.

What’s the meaning of “nickel-safe”?

Today, nickel can be found in all kinds of objects, such as jewelry, eyeglass frames, wrist watches, zippers, buttons, buckles or scissors. Any steel contains nickel and other materials. Nickel can be found even in lettuce and chocolate. Bargain jewelry can often contain rather large amounts of nickel. Since some people are allergic to nickel, the EU nickel directive regulates how much nickel may be released onto the skin per week. All QPP Ear Piercing studs and earrings fall well below this allowable value and are thus nickel-safe.